• A weekend-long hackathon starting on Friday, September 24th at 6:00 pm and running through Sunday, September 26th at 9:00 am. 
  • Participate in person in Laramie Wyoming or virtually from anywhere in the world!
  • Quality challenges in a variety of areas from high-profile companies in the blockchain and digital innovation spaces

Presented By:

University of Wyoming - College of Engineering and Applied Science, College of Business, College of Law, and College of Agriculture


1. Commit to a challenge by September 24, 2021 @ 11:59pm MDT

2. Commit to a team by September 24, 2021 @ 11:59pm MDT

3. Commit to a High Impact Headline by September 25, 2021 @ 11:59pm MDT

4. Submission Date is September 26, 2021 @ 9:00am MDT

6. Final Judging Starts by September 26, 2021 @ 9:00am MDT

7. Winners Announced by September 26, 2021 @ 12:00pm MDT

Hackathon Sponsors


$117,497 in prizes

$30,750 The Best Solution for Economic Development in Wyoming (3 winners) (3)

The best solution for economic development in Wyoming

$15,000 Cash:
$8,000 Cash prize for the 1st Place winning team, plus $5,000 rent-free space in Impact307; $4,000 Cash prize for the 2nd Place winning team, plus $5,000 rent-free space in Impact307; $3,000 Cash prize for the 3rd Place winning team, plus $5,000 rent-free space in Impact307;

$15,000 — Sponsored by Outlaw.io
$15,000 — Sponsored by Impact307 Rent-free Space*
$750 — Sponsored by DAPCPA, LLC#
*IMPACT307 is pleased to offer up to 1 year of rent-free space in their building(s) to the winning team(s). (Value $5,000)
# DAPCPA is please to offer Wyoming Registered Agent services for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winning teams for the first year up to $250 ea.

#1 Shoshoni Hackers
#2 WyoSky
#3 CryptoExchangeLib

$25,000 Wyohackathon Interoperability Challenge! - Co-sponsored by Harmony.One and Kraken (6 winners) (3)

Best overall solutions that promote Interoperability between exchanges, blockchains, wallets, cryptocurrencies, infrastructure and traditional fiat financial system.

This is a stiff competition, but everyone should be thinking of ways to create interoperability! Therefore we are offering 6 opporunities to wow the judges with something fresh, innovative and exciting.

$20,000 Bounty
$10K bounty Sponsored by Harmony.One
$10K bounty Sponsored by Kraken
$5K bounty Sponsored by Stephen Gannon

Six Winners
Two highest voted solutions receive $6,000 ea;
Two next highest voted solutions receive $4,000 ea,
Two next highest voted solutions receive $2,500 ea.

#1 HeraCoin
#2 Cross Chain Governance

$18,000 EDGE196 Challenge (3)

The participants has to use USDAO stablecoin, participants will be provided with USDAO SDK which can be used to create innovative solutions in the space of the following:

i)Decentralized Lending : Borrowing and lending made easy and accessible for all Have you ever tried to borrow money from a bank? Let’s face it: The current lending industry is inefficient. Especially with lots of documents to fill up, and high-interest rate. P2P lending is rapidly growing in personal finance. Now, both borrowers and lenders are connected all over the world via blockchain. All without giving the bank their cut. As lenders, you can remain completely anonymous and does not need to register anywhere. Just select your preferred loan from the marketplace. Next, initiate from your wallets. Borrowers can return the loan in a low- interest environment.

ii)Trade finance – Supply chain : Margins are already slim in container shipping. Yet, the processing of paperwork is more costly than the shipping container. Improve transparency between vendors ,Quicker documentation verification and Credit/Bill settlement per participants.

iii) Entertainment Industry : Fair Royalty distribution to artist and improved copyright protection.

iv) Tourism: Companies provide traditional paper, plastic tokens, coupons, discount and other sorts of inefficient reward and loyalty rewards to their customers. Lets change that with Blockchain/DLT technology incorporating USDAO.

v) Digital Ads revenue: Are you tired of paying high online advertising costs? Or how about fearful of being banned from your online content? Create ads marketplace where buyers and sellers buy advertising at very low fees. Users can generate revenue through reviewing websites and share data, you can get paid too.

vi) Finance – Payments, Insurance and Investment As crypto currencies are becoming a daily part of life its needed to be simplified for the mass population. so, people can get benefitted from.

vii)Freelancer work portal: Better jobs. Better talent. Remote As the world move towards web 3.0 . The trends have move towards remote jobs, Create a work portal with a payment escrow mechanism which benefits both the company and the job seeker.

The participants can choose any one of the above segment to create a solution with USDAO stablecoin. The application must resolve a current problem tackled through the USDAO and blockchain/DLT technology

1st. $10,000

2nd $5,000

3rd $3,000

#1 Descrow
#2 HeraCoin

$8,000 Cardano Challenge #1 - Marlowe contracts (3)

The challenge is to find existing financial agreements that could be modeled as Marlowe contracts and develop them inside the Marlowe Playground. Given the static restrictions that
Marlowe has, some agreements could require a companion Plutus contract to be realistic, but for this challenge we prefer to limit the scope of the contracts.

Some examples of financial agreements that could be modeled include:

● A year-long gym subscription with monthly payments.

● A car/apartment lease for a fixed amount of time with a tenant, an owner and a

● A product purchase where the VAT is paid automatically to a government tax account.

● Any other transaction where tax can be collected automatically.

● A crowdfunding contract where multiple participants try to reach a goal, if they do, the money goes to the participant that created the fund, if they don’t, it goes back to the

● A derivatives contract, i.e. a contract that references native tokens or other contracts, resp. NFTs. That could be vanilla or exotic options, futures or other derivatives.

● A secondary market contract where parties can trade their Marlowe contracts.

We value innovation: use these ideas for inspiration, but don’t restrict yourself to just these. The blockchain is the limit.

If you can manually add the new contract to the Marlowe Run prototype to see how final users could interact with it (hint: look for web-common-marlowe/src/Marlowe/Market.purs in the plutus repository), you will get extra credit.


Award of prizes is at the judges’ discretion, but their choices will reflect innovation, ingenuity and
achievement in the submissions.

1st prize $5,000, Runner up $2,000, 3rd $1,000.

#1 Pass Through Billing
#2 Pizza Delivery
#3 Turing Toil

$2,000 Cardano Challenge #2 - Marlowe Future (2)

If you don’t feel confident to write Marlowe contracts, you can instead envision how you might
make modifications to the various components of the Marlowe Suite, or describe how you would
build on these components to provide a business service of some kind.

2 winners of $1,000

$5,000 Avalanche Subnet And Virtual Machine

Avalanche subnets allow anyone anywhere to spin up a taylor-made network w/ custom virtual machines and complex validator rulesets. They enable permissionless and permissioned networks to launch with optional privacy and regulatory compliance.

Virtual machines are the application-level logic of your blockchain. Technically they're state machines that include the state of your blockchain, the state transition function and an API that users can interact w/ your blockchain. Avalanche provides APIs for creating DAG blockchains with partial ordering for P2P payments and linear blockchain with total ordering for smart contracts. Developers get thousands of tx per second with sub-second immutable and irreversible finality out of the box and don't need to worry about the underlying networking, consensus or data structures, all of which are handled by the Avalanche network.

Tools or Stack Required

AvalancheGo, AvalancheJS

Judging Criteria

This category is limited to 1 winner. The submission which most closely meets the requirements will be the winner. Partial or unfinished submissions are not eligible for the prize. If no submission meets the requirements then there will be no winner.

Prize Description

$5,000 paid in AVAX

Prize Terms and Conditions

1. Virtual machine should be created using the Avalanche DAG or linear chain APIs and should be deployed on a subnet that is live on the Fuji testnet. You may base your work on the Create a Custom Blockchain tutorial. 2. Create an incentive structure to get validators on your subnet. This can include rewarding validators with fees or incentivizing validators with a token. 3. Smart contract(s) and front-end code should be available for review/audit and licensed under a common Open Source license such as MIT or BSD-3. 4. Full documentation 5.Video demo of the submission

Intellectual Property Ownership

MIT or BSD-3 license

#1 None

$15,000 Unreal Engine/Cardano Plugin

Challenge Description
Create an Unreal Engine 5 plugin that sends queries to Cardano API via Blockfrost.io. Get objects as a return.

Tools & Stack Required
Blueprint & C++

Judging Criteria
Realistic capabilities that allow a game developer to pull NFT & token information from Cardano
and display in game. Link wallet with QR code.

Price Description
Outlaw Inc is offering $15,000 for the winner of the challenge, plus an additional $10,000 should
the winner wish to work with us to add functionality afterwards.

Ownership of Intellectual Property is held by Outlaw Inc.

Additional Comments
A good example of a similar UE plugin that you can reference is the EnjinAPIQuery plugin,
found here: https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/en-US/product/enjapiquery-plugin

#1 Unreal Engine

$2,000 SIMBA QuickStart

Build an original proof-of-concept solution to a real-world problem that helps bring blockchain adoption to existing workflows. Leverage the SIMBA QuickStart tool to mockup your blockchain solution, and its workflow.

Additional Judging Criteria:

· Special consideration will be given to those solutions that concentrate on healthcare and health records.


· Utilization of SIMBA Quickstart Prize:

o One (1) Ledger Nano to each participating team that utilizes SIMBA QuickStart in their solution.

· Grand Prize:

o Two (2) Teams will be selected as grand prize winners.

o Each member of the winning teams will receive a Nano Ledger, no more than six (6) Nano Ledgers per team. (i.e.- 4 team members = 4 Ledger Nanos).

o Each selected winning team will receive $1,000 of crypto to be funded the day of the selection and to be divided among the team's Ledger Nanos (4 team members = $250 per Ledger Nano).

o The Ledger Nano wallets to be funded in the cryptocurrency of the winner’s choice. Choices will be of coins in the top 10 of coin market cap at the time of purchase. Examples: Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Cardano.

Intellectual Property Ownership:

· The team will own what they build but will allow SIMBA Chain to use the solution as a case study.

#1 Bru Finance

$3,000 EnDAOment Challenge (2)

We have become accustomed to “Everything-as-a-Service.” Whether or not you use a platform like Netflix, you’ll be charged the same fee every month. But what if users received some of their money back — that they could reinvest into the platform?

We challenge participants to build a DAO on an Ethereum testnet that returns a pro rata amount of funds to a platform’s users – after they contribute a monthly SaaS payment – based on their monthly use of that platform’s services. The user could then redeploy those funds as desired, either kept as a refund or invested into the platform itself to vote on the direction of its content.

Solidity, Typescript or Go, TheGraph, any static website hosting service (Netlify, Github Pages, Vercel, etc.)

Prizes will be awarded to the most complete and thorough example of functionality, assessed through a visual presentation and a code review. Deployment to the Ethereum mainnet is not a requirement.

Anthony Apollo, Frank Apollo, and Alex Sheehan

One-time cash payment, in United States Dollars.

First Place: US$2,000. Second Place: US$1,000.

Kyodai Technologies, Inc. will be able to promote the teams and their respective entries through the social media accounts for its platform, Rensa Games.

Perpetual whitelabel license for code base granted to Kyodai Technologies, Inc.

#1 Black Marketing
#2 Cine Trade

$1,250 Best Technical Demo - Danno Ferrin Challenge

$500 From Danno Ferrin / $500 match from UW Blockchain Center / $250 Upgrade from TheCryptoShow.com

Present the best demonstration of working or hacked code/systems developed at the hackathon. Slideware is great for context and vision, but this challenge will reward the best technical demonstration.

The technical demo will need to be integrated as part of the main presentation. It can be short. Entrants will be ranked first by whether an actual technical demonstration occurred, then by the awesomeness of that demonstration.

Winner will need to submit an Ethereum main net payment address after the announcement of the award. The winning prize will be sent to one address and the team will be responsible for any distribution from there.

Danno Ferrin

This $500 is coming from my personal funds. In 2019 I felt there was too much slideware and not enough sizzle. My solution is to incentivize the demo.

WyoHackathon loves this personal Challenge and matches it with an additional $500!

#1 NFT^2 NFT Derivative Platform

$7,500 DigiByte Challenge - Update DigiByte's Rosetta Implementation

When Coinbase announced the release of their Rosetta blockchain middleware specification, the DigiByte Core Developers completed the implementation against version 1.4.1 of the Rosetta Specification. However, since the completion of 1.4.1, Coinbase has released many subsequent updates.

For this challenge, update DigiByte's Rosetta Implementation to the current stable version of 1.4.10. DigiByte's Rosetta implementation will be used to build the foundation of future DigiByte developer tools. Please reference the following resources for the challenge:

1) Familiarize yourself with the Coinbase Rosetta Data and Construction Specification here: https://www.rosetta-api.org/docs/welcome.html

2) Review the DigiByte Rosetta SDK 1.4.1 Pull Request as a point of departure here: https://github.com/DigiByte-Core/digibyte-rosetta-nodeapi/pull/2

3) Integrate the challenge solution into the DigiByte Rosetta SDK Docker Container here: https://github.com/DigiByte-Core/digibyte-rosetta-docker

4) Validate that the specification implementation is valid by using the DigiByte Rosetta SDK CLI here: https://github.com/DigiByte-Core/rosetta-cli/tree/master

Prizes: $7,500

Judges: Frederick Gabelmann, Yoshi Jaeger

#1 None

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Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Roman Blinov

Roman Blinov
Software engineer

Danno Ferrin

Danno Ferrin

Omar Syed

Omar Syed

Parvizjon Rozikov

Parvizjon Rozikov

Tommy Cooksey

Tommy Cooksey

Riley Fay

Riley Fay

Josh Lang

Josh Lang

Gabriel Cardona

Gabriel Cardona
Ava Labs

Albert Lin

Albert Lin

Andrew and Kelly Carpenter

Andrew and Kelly Carpenter

Andrew Bellis

Andrew Bellis

Auryn Macmillan

Auryn Macmillan

Austin Griffith

Austin Griffith

Cal Evans

Cal Evans

Christian Nunez

Christian Nunez

Daniel Rohaley

Daniel Rohaley

Darby Bailey

Griff Green

Griff Green

Jim St Clair

Julian Sevillano

Julian Sevillano

Marshall Long

Marshall Long

Max Freeman

Max Freeman

Michael Berger

Neeraj Satija

Pamela Norton

Pamela Norton

Phillip S White

Raza Khan

Raza Khan

Rodrigo Seira

Rodrigo Seira

Stani Kulechov

Stani Kulechov

Yev Muchnik

Yev Muchnik

Nsikak-Abasi Etim, PhD

Nsikak-Abasi Etim, PhD

Alex Sheehan

Frank Apollo

Anthony Apollo

Anthony Apollo

Steve Salstrand

Vitalii Honcharuk

Vladislav Gukasov

Michael Ghen

Michael Ghen

Frederick Gabaldan

Alexey Shepelev

Alexey Shepelev

Steve Lupien
University of Wyoming

Pablo Lamela

Hernán Rajchert

Yoshi Jaeger

Yoshi Jaeger



Judging Criteria

  • Execution
    Does the product function as intended? Is it robust and easy to interact with? No Credit:0 points; Developing:1-2 points; Effective:3-4 points: Excellent:5 points.
  • Design
    Is the product aesthetically pleasing? Does the design of the product elevate its message? No Credit:0 points; Developing:1-2 points; Effective:3-4 points: Excellent:5 points.
  • Creativity
    Does the product introduce a new approach or perspective, technical, analytical, or visual? No Credit:0 points; Developing:1-2 points; Effective:3-4 points: Excellent:5 points.
  • Utility
    Does the product address the challenge? No Credit:0 points; Developing:1-2 points; Effective:3-4 points: Excellent:5 points.
  • Impact
    Can the project make a significant impact? No Credit:0 points; Developing:1-2 points; Effective:3-4 points: Excellent:5 points.
  • Disqualified
    If you believe one of the rules has been broken, you must disqualify by marking this 5 points, otherwise leave it 0 points. Example: Built prior to WyoHackathon.

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